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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by TMC1982 View Post
The point of Batman not wanting to resort to killing criminals is because he feared that he would wound up becoming like the man who killed his parents. He didn't want to embody criminal-like methods himself. Did you have a problem with him then, not wanting to kill in Schumacher's films or "Batman Begins"?
On the contrary.

I felt that Batman Forever took that in quite a good way. After some years in the “business” Batman finally got a void feeling out of his crime-fighting career. He learnt that killing the criminals wouldn’t make his pain go away. It took him some years to get to that.

Which leads me to B Begins.

Begins handled the revenge/ non killing aspect brilliantly. The origin story – which was as inaccurate as Burton’s by the way – explained in an excellent way why Bruce was like that. He didn’t born a hero. He did think about revenge a big deal. But it was circumstances what showed him that was not the way. It was brilliant.

But, as I said in another thread, both movies handled the story quite well being completely different circumstances. The fact I love how Batman 89 handled the origin story has never meant I can’t accept a totally different approach as long as it makes sense.

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