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Default Re: Official Polaris Thread

Originally Posted by jmc247 View Post
Of course I think you are right, but certainly the writer of Lorna origins story will have a free hand to fill in the blanks with Zaladane or ignore her if he wants. They could say she was a biological creation by someone like Sinister based on Lorna's DNA, or Magneto's DNA, etc.
Yeah it could be sinister`s back-up summers plan. If he can`t have a child of Scott Summers and a clone of Jean Grey then a genetically altered Lorna Dane and Alex Summers might have sufficed.

Or alternatively she could be Magneto`s third daughter. Which would explain why she was able to steal both Magneto and Lorna`s powers with a lot of ease. I mean no one else has stolen Magneto`s abilities since.

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