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Originally Posted by Iceburgeruk View Post
Yeah it could be sinister`s back-up summers plan. If he can`t have a child of Scott Summers and a clone of Jean Grey then a genetically altered Lorna Dane and Alex Summers might have sufficed.

Or alternatively she could be Magneto`s third daughter. Which would explain why she was able to steal both Magneto and Lorna`s powers with a lot of ease. I mean no one else has stolen Magneto`s abilities since.
Well if Dr. Moira MacTaggert is to be believed Zaladane had to be somehow genetically related to Magneto and Polaris, because she told Polaris that the only way Zaladane was able to steal her power was that they were genetically related and then Zaladane later goes and steals Magneto's power as well.

I don't think Marvel would want to go with Magneto having another daughter. But, they certainly would be willing to have her be a clone of Magneto without a male chromosome like X-23 created by Sinister or perhaps have her be spliced from Lorna's DNA and someone elses. Which would make her closer to Lorna's daughter then her sister.

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