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Default Re: Transformers 2 Official Pictures thread

Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
Honestly i've looked frame by frame and i cannot see anything that looks like it came form Barricade, just some bits of Blackout
I will find it and post it as soon as I get home. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the dvd. I have the Target version where the dvd case transforms into Prime. Not sure if its a "special edition" or not but I'll look. But I'm pretty sure I saw that scene. Besides how else do you account for Barricade not showing up? Here's something else to look for: When the F-22 Raptors are flying around You'll get a quick glimpse at the pilot's name on one of them> Capt. Brad J. Armbruster AKA Ace from G.I.Joe! The soldiers in the film were inspired by G.I. Joe - Captain William Lennox, in particular, first appeared in the comic book "G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers"

The Departed: Breaker, Flash, Doc, Thunder, Crankcase, Heavy Metal, Lady Jaye, Quick Kick, Mainframe, Avalanche, Blaster, Blocker, Chuckles, Crazylegs, Knockdown, Maverick, Sneak Peek, Hardball, Skidmark, Dee-Jay, Rampart, Cool Breeze.

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