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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
Yes the computer did it for him because it doesn't take a person to operate a computer and input information. You see the meeting between him and Schreck he clearly goes "Gotham City has a power surplus so I'm wondering, what's your angle?" he knew there was something fishy there.

With the Penguin he looked at old articles that stated that some children who went to the red triangle circus ended up kidnapped and missing and the only one who wasn't questioned by authorities was the aquatic bird boy because he dissapeared before the law could reach him. Also he sees the Penguin at the hall of records looking through birth certificates and jotting down names and tells Alfred "I think he knows who his parents are". He knew there was something to look into there as well.
Again, NOTHING of this is something special.
Superman is my second favorite fictional character of all time like Batman I appreciate all the interpretations. Also I will point out that writers like Grant Morisson and Geoff Johns who have been considered by fanboys as 2 writers who really do understand Superman had positive things to say about Byrne's MOS. Hell that's one of my top interpretations as well. Not faithful to the essence of the character? are you kidding? he was still a self less hero who valued the lives of innocents above all others. He was still a farm boy who loved his parents and hometown dearly.
Superman is not a farmboy. He grew up on a farm but grew out! The "Superman is just a stupid farmboy" approach was stupid by itself!
Just because those themes were presented differently doesn't mean they're not there. Actually I'd say he did more for the character than most before him as he clearly also defined that Clark Kent, Kal-El and Superman are all 3 different parts of the same whole and in turn that made Supes and his mythology even more well rounded. There is a reason that lasted as canon for over 20 years.
Byrne made Superman into Clark Kent, a yuppie WASP who had problems with his self-image ("Am I really good enough to be earth's greatest hero?"). But that's Peter Parker, not Superman. Superman doesn't share our problems. He is what we want and should be, not what we are. That's what makes Superman unique. He is a hero, he just is. Without compromises. You know "Clark Kent loves Lois Lane, Lois Lane loves Superman but Superman loves Clark Kent" - Maggins.

He even called his whole Kryptonian heritage "meaningless"! That I call "not getting the essence" of the characters. Byrne tried to reflect his own life into Superman, you know being the guy from Canada but in fact being a true American now.

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