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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Now, Burton’s Batman is not a psycho, but only carries the natural trauma of watching his parents die. That’s what puts the dark in the character.
But the comic Bruce Wayne didn't have any traumas anymore. The ended definitely (and perhaps before) when Joe Chill died. "i have not been back to the cemetary since then", you know ("THe Untold Legends of the Batman")

Yes he is. He looks, sounds and acts like Batman.
Being 5'9'', body like a boy and a voice that's sore?

I see age doesn’t warrantee to get the character. At. All.

Yes, Batman is all about the happiness of being a hero. I so want to have a life-lasting trauma because someone killed my parents in front of me when I was a kid and I so want to spend my life fighting criminals as an obssession. How cool is that.

Not at all.

Batman’s incarnations (even Schumacher’s) have emphasized what a nightmare to be Batman is. A life having nightmares, a life of loneliness, without a woman you can love, no normal life, no happiness, etc etc.
AGAIN! You confuse the modern Batman from the last decade with the time back then! The murder of his parents may be tragic, but he got over it some time later and gave his life a real meaning. You know. Not like taking your money and have a nice life, but to do something good. THe whole "Batman is TEH INSANE!" just started later to creep into the comic lore. Before he was in fact a cool guy you wanted to be. Does anyone like to be Keaton's Batman? I doubt it.

Exactly. That’s Batman’s motivation.

It’s obssession.
Again! It was not! It was not! The obsession thing first showed up with DKR, BUT this was special because he betrayed the oath and saw the world decline. So he felt guilty for it. But not when he was young. Ask people like Steve Engelhart if Batman is insane.

I can’t care less what hamm thinks. He thought Batman’s wearing a cape was stupid.
Yes, yes, the guy who called the things Batman does a "sick obsession". The guy who wrote Batman (1989).

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