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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by David Rice View Post
How is Judging the past always difficult? This is comics, not history. All you have to do is read them.
Just an example: Today a lot of people think that Batman is totally obsessed and insane. But back then he wasn't. But when people read those old comics they have this "new" take in mind. So it's difficult.

No, you are very wrong sir. Batman was like Burton at one time.
Like Burton? A goth? No, the early-Bob Kane Batman is something else.

How do you know they didn't like them? Do you have some interviews to back that up?
It is a well known fact that Frank Miller disliked Batman(89).
For Byrne you can visit his website and read the FAQ (or even ask him about this in his board)
For Matt Wagner there is something on wikipedia for "Batman Returns".
I bet Neal Adams didn't like them either.

A LOT of comic book writer thought that Burton did it wrong. Those movies aren't really loved by the comic book scene.

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