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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Question: How do you go from reading thin-plotted comic books with obvious "twists" to calling a comic book movie plot thin in comparison?

BATMAN RETURNS was a Batman movie, it just took some liberties with the source material (like every Batman movie ever made. Ever). But you simply cannot argue that many Batman elements existed in the movie.

poison code: The computer did it for him.
And you know this how? And even if that was the case, so what? The Batcomputer is a huge part of the mythology. It's still detective work. He still had to "go shopping" and figure some elements of it out.

the essence he doesn't act like Batman, he is not Batman.
Interesting. How do you figure? And be specific.

no other character is like his comic counterpart?
Also not true.

Penguin being a freak, raised by penguins??? That's stupid
He wasn't raised by Penguins, he was found by them. Good god, the Red Triangle Circus Gang raised him. Read between the freaking lines.

Nonexistant story and plot, just bits thrown around
That's also not true.

NOTHING of this is something special.
It's not supposed to be. Neither was anything in BATMAN BEGINS in terms of detective work. Neither is most of the stuff in the comics.

comic Bruce Wayne didn't have any traumas anymore
That is simply not true. His parents death haunted him, and continued to haunt him, for years. Even Pre-Crisis.

BATMAN: A guy who starts a life of crimefighting to prevent others from having the same fate he has.
Watch the first scene of BATMAN. It's right...freaking...there. Right down to the kid and his parents being accosted by a mugger.

And Michael Keaton's Batman wasn't sad all the time. He was serious. There is a difference.

sique was the reason for that awful rubber suits.
So why does Bale have one, then?

superheroes should be more treated like fairy tales and mythology characters.
Bad news. Even fairytales and mythology can be explored, and depth found in them.

"Perception is the enemy of reason."

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