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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

He wasn't raised in the sewer by penguins. He was found in the sewer by penguins. He was raised by the Red Triangle circus gang.
Yeah, we covered that. He ignored it.

yes. the story isn't even a story. There are just a few subplots that don't lead anywhere. You know, there is Catwoman, then there they crack the batmobile and then there is the power plant which doesn't make any sense. And so on. Like they had a lot of ideas and just added them together without making a real plot.
Someone didn't follow the movie. While the movie isn't overly structured, there are several stories. Schreck and The Penguin, The Penguin and his desire for revenge, Batman falling out of favor with Gotham, The birth of Catwoman and the evolution of Selina's character.

The power plant is Max Schreck's inspiration to help the Penguin become Mayor. He needs the approval of a Mayor to begin construction on the power plant. Schreck uses The Penguin's appearance and manipulates the situation to his advantage.

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