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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Parents-Gun-Bat View Post
I just think you overrate Burton's work. It's not really subtle at all. He is style-over-substance.
No, you simply underestimate his work. Much of his substance is shown through style, he's a visual director so style and substance in Burton's films are hand in hand. You're just use to having style on the left side and substance on the right, making them easily distinguishable. Though it is apparent, it simply goes over your head.

again, that's superficial. "Kane"'s Batman: easy-going, Keaton's Batman: depressed and deranged.
This is far more superficial than what Doc presented, and even so, still false. Have you seen the first act of Batman'89? I'd say it takes a fairly easy-going guy to host a black and white ball at his manor and invite socialites such as the Mayor, The Gordons, and the District Attorney of Gotham.

If Bruce Wayne were such an unknown depressed hermit to Gotham, nor I do think Gotham's wealthiest industrialist would have sent him an invitation to his costumed gala.

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