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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Parents-Gun-Bat View Post

That's the Silver Age! Every comic was that way!

Fact is: when DC changed from pre-crisis to post-crisis Batman STAYED the SAME! Face it! The Batman from 1987 was the same he was in 86 or 85. They even completed the Catwoman/Batman arc, a story that started pre-crisis, AFTER "Year One". Not like Superman who became a completely different character.

You just seem like a guy who watches the Batman movie but has never read a comic, beside some tpb. Perhaps you even think Batman stopped killing because of Wertham and the comic book code and the direct result was the Silver Age.
Are you trying to imply that Wertham didn't kickstart the silver age? Because if so, that's just wrong. The comics code was formed directly because of Wertham's crusade against comics at the time, and the code made comics much more kid-friendly. There is a direct connection with the Silver age and Wertham. Because of Wertham they created the comics code which in turn lead to the kind of storytelling in the silver age.

Wertham-->Code-->Silver Age.

Now, Wertham didn't directly contribute to all styles of writing in the Silver Age. The writers didn't start doing more Sci-Fi stories or start focusing more on character development because of him. But If Wertham had not campaigned against comics as he had, the Silver Age would have been much different.


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