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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
Are you trying to imply that Wertham didn't kickstart the silver age? Because if so, that's just wrong. The comics code was formed directly because of Wertham's crusade against comics at the time, and the code made comics much more kid-friendly. There is a direct connection with the Silver age and Wertham. Because of Wertham they created the comics code which in turn lead to the kind of storytelling in the silver age.

Wertham-->Code-->Silver Age.

Now, Wertham didn't directly contribute to all styles of writing in the Silver Age. The writers didn't start doing more Sci-Fi stories or start focusing more on character development because of him. But If Wertham had not campaigned against comics as he had, the Silver Age would have been much different.
It isn't that easy. Actually the code doesn't expain why the Silver Age started to be so goofy & childish. Yes, things like werewolf were forbidden. The good guys were supposed to win in the end. Government officals had to be good guys. But why did they made all adventures so bizarre and crazy? Those restrictions weren't that hard for superhero comics, there would've been ENOUGH space for more serious stuff. But they went that route because they SOLD so many issues. Just when the sales declined they made Batman again more serious in his stories. The companies that were really destroyed by the code were the back-then successful horror and crime comics publishers. But you know, somehow I think they earned it. THanks to Wertham it was revealed to the public that those companies advertised their gruesome comics directly towards kids and advertised weapons like knives and air rifles. And they blackmailed stores and newsstand who refused to sell these comics to kids so that they would not get other comics to sell from them.

(You know, the rumour has it that actually certain publishers (yes, also the guys with the "D") actively pushed the code so it would destroy the big rival EC.)

In the end Wertham made the same mistake so many people do when the judge comics. They were made for kids, so all this "Bruce Wayne sleeps in a bed together with Dick Grayson" he got wrong. Very wrong. And he is the reason why comics are today are so closely associated with superheroes and other genres are so shamelessly underdeveloped.

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