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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by DocLathropBrown View Post
His CONTINUITY was changed! How many times must I say this?!? So you're telling me that the Batman in 1987 is the same Batman who turned into Bat Baby in the 50s?!?
That isn't clear! Do you think the guy from the 70s is the guy that turned into Bat Baby? Technically he was, yes. This is were Morrioson's recent work comes in. When Batman fought crime together with Dick Grayson as the DYNAMIC DUO, most of the stories WERE those bizarre stories. The Dynamic Duo years are a great blur in modern continuity. This is why I like Morrison "everything happened" approach. But on the other half, I HATE HATE HATE those comic history archelogists who come up with a twist on a 50 year old story and some obscure characters. Continuity is overrated.

BTW, continuity changed all the time. Does Batman become a different character every time?

No, he's not. YOU seem like the guy who twists facts any way you can to make your unfounded hate of Tim Burton's movies seem logical. Get a life.
well, since I'm married for 6 years now I need to get a life

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