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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I agree that continuity is a bit overrated, but I'm confused. Are you trying to say that the Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson Batman and Robin era didn't happen Post-Crisis?
They happened but we don't know exactly WHAT happened. Post-Crisis started with Jason Todd as Robin, the Dynamic Duo years were just covered with a few flashback and one-shot stories now and then. So it could be - even if it sounds strange - that in this era Batman & Robin in fact went to Outer Space and met strange aliens and were transferred into rainbows. Batman post-crisis was - and is - such a hush hush thing. You know, there was some kind of agreement that the pre-New Look adventures were out of continuity, but the New Look (even the few campy, TV show influenced comics) time was still in - somehow, with some tweaking. And then they filled the early Batman years mainly with the "Legends of the Dark Knight" stories. But the Dynamic Duo era? It's not something deeply explored. You know, later in post-crisis they have always hinted that Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne had and have a kind of troubled relationship but in the old adventures nothing of this was to be seen. In fact they were super chums.

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