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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

They happened but we don't know exactly WHAT happened.
-Dick was in the circus
-Dick's parents were murdered
-Bruce adopted Dick as his ward
-Dick became Robin
-Dick and Batman avenged Dick's parents, Dick wanted to keep fighting crime
-Batman and Robin fought criminals together, including supercriminals. Dick almost died a couple of times. Dick began to fall for/date Barbara Gordon.
-Dick went to college, continued to be Robin every so often.
-Dick joined the Titans.
-Batman and Robin's relationship became strained as Dick began to resent Batman's paranoia and treatment of him as well as being under his shadow, Dick left to become Nightwing.

Each of these elements has been explored in detail at some point. Whether we know the exact details of every single night they fought crime seems kind of irrelevant.

Post-Crisis started with Jason Todd as Robin, the Dynamic Duo years were just covered with a few flashback and one-shot stories now and then.
Here's the thing...those few flashbacks and one shots every now and then provided very detailed looks at their relationship and what happened while Dick was Robin. So do TEEN TITANS and THE TITANS and THE NEW TITANS flashback stories and one shots. So do various NIGHTWING stories.

Now, as for how this ties into Pre-Crisis, it should be obvious that not all Pre-Crisis elements of their relationship were done away with, because many Post-Crisis stories referenced those elements.

So it could be - even if it sounds strange - that in this era Batman & Robin in fact went to Outer Space and met strange aliens and were transferred into rainbows.
Could be. God knows stranger things have happened to them Post-Crisis.

Batman post-crisis was - and is - such a hush hush thing.
Interesting take. How so?

You know, there was some kind of agreement that the pre-New Look adventures were out of continuity, but the New Look (even the few campy, TV show influenced comics) time was still in - somehow, with some tweaking.
It's been my understanding that all The Crisis did was revamp the Batman mythology, but that certain "current" elements carried over, a la Bruce and Dick. The Crisis was done (ironically) to streamline the universe for new readers, not delete everything that ever happened to Batman and Robin.

And then they filled the early Batman years mainly with the "Legends of the Dark Knight" stories. But the Dynamic Duo era? It's not something deeply explored.
That depends on what you mean by "deeply explored". If you mean "Explored constantly", no you're right. But there are plenty of stories about it out there, and they have explored the relevance of this era and the psychology behind the characters.

A similar argument is made about the portrayal of Bruce's training and world travels. Because only a couple dozen of the thousands of comics made deal with it, people like to pretend there's a "gray area" there. But that simply isn't the case.

You know, later in post-crisis they have always hinted that Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne had and have a kind of troubled relationship but in the old adventures nothing of this was to be seen. In fact they were super chums.
That was found in Pre-Crisis as well. Everything was "super" in the old days. But then comics grew up, and started looking at their superheroes as people, not just iconic characters.

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