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Default Re: The Superman: TAS discussion thread.

Originally Posted by RogueDK View Post
It's always funny from a hindsight perspective, that there are alot of fans displeased with the diluted strength of the Timmverse Superman when I recall not long before STAS had started on network tv way back that people thought the character had become too boring because he was too invincible and a little outdated.

The Spears series of the 80s was awesome and I hold it in high regard but I think that DC/Timm had to shake the mythos up a little with this venture...IMO, it worked.
The Ruby Spears Superman hadn't the budget of Timm's version and they had to follow Byrne's Marvelman, but thank god they just made him seem to follow this take but in the end made him still the old Superman. But it was made with love for the character, Timm's Superman was the work of a Batman fanboy. I mean C'MON! In "WOrld's Finest" Bruce Wayne steals away Lois Lane and Superman looks like a pathetic and helpless loser compared to the smart Batman.

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