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Default Re: The Superman: TAS discussion thread.

Originally Posted by RogueDK View Post
To get tossed by a lesser opponent in your own show is definetely PWNAGE.

Bad writing? I felt that the writing was brilliant; notice Superman's child-like sense of shock after landing on his keyster...HARD. Oscar-winning material there, my friend.

Did you even enjoy this particular segment in the series? World's Finest has to be one of the better DC animated movie attempts ever made.
no its bad writing. Superman has superspeed and so he has superreflexes and so it's just bad writing that he can be thrown. It's just there to proof a point. It's like SUperman showing up in a Batman cartoon, tearing down Wayne Manor and throwing Batman into the air.

I hope someday you will understand something about the art that is "writing".

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