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Default Re: Official Polaris Thread

Originally Posted by insane polaris View Post
I love Polaris the way she is at the moment.

but does anyone think with the 500th issue approaching and the x-men changing around, that it might be good to reinvent Polaris
- give her a more edgy costume
maybe lose the cape for a more sleek black outfit.

any ideas?

any costume ideas??
Until Polaris lands back on earth, I would say none of that is in the near future for her.

I dont mind her current costume but the green has got to go. I hate when they put her in green bc she does not look good in it. Just bc she has green hair, doesnt mean she should be in that color from head to toe. She needs something else to contrast with that. She's always looked good in red so I wouldnt mind her in it again. I think she'd look great in the red/navy colors that the X-treme team wore

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