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Default Re: The Incredible Hulk's True Size

The Hulk has kinda evolved at different points, given Gamma power-up's and mutations over the years. He's gone from being 6' 6" 900 lbs. when he was Grey, 7' 1000 lbs. as the savage, and is currently listed at the Smart Hulk size at 7'6" 1150 lbs. My personal belief is that Modern Hulk Stats should list him as 9 ft. tall, 1500 lbs. If I draw the Hulk, thats usually the scale I keep him in. Some artists have too much artistic liberty, and it's the failure of the editors to reel them in. Deodato was pretty infamous in my eyes for getting Liefeld like in his Anatomy. Deodato was kinda like a cracked out Todd McFarline, and I dont mean that in a good tone. The guy just went nut's while drawing the Hulk to scale in his Bruce Jones issues. Sometimes he would look decent, and next thing you see is Hulk literally Kong sized Holding two women in one hand. But a couple of my favorite Hulk artists also had that problem too (notably Dale Keown)

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