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Default Re: The Incredible Hulk's True Size

Originally Posted by totaljim View Post
I've always gone the basic - Hulk's size and strength vary with his rage..

The madder = the bigger & badder..

And the pants..?

Can't we just look past that, it was always going to be a factor, you can't have the Hulk's massive green wang thwopping about in a battle or if he goes for a run, let the Emerald Giant keep his pants ON..

Maybe the Gamma radiation that he emits when he changes, stretches & alters the dye to make them huge and purple..?

but really, was anyone expecting no pants for him..?

does anyone want no pants on him..?

then drop it..
No way, no Hulk Schlong for me. I never saw pants as an issue. I can suspened my disbelief for that. I think Hulk's size is perfect in this film; big enough to intimidate anyone, small enough not to look completely dumb.

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