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Default Re: The Incredible Hulk's True Size

Originally Posted by Odin's Lapdog View Post
Don't complain because *gasp* people have opinions that *gasp* vary from your own. If you'd been on this site long enough, you'd realise that this is actually the norm.

i'm merely underwhelmed by his size as well as his general muscle mass in that pic. That is a male version of what i would expect if she-hulk was real.

ultimately size allows for big things to be done. By reducing him, reduces what is possible visually.

He wouldn't be able to use some cars as a roller blade or a bus as a skateboard or throw a car like a football. or systematically have enough of an arm span to warrant picking up a building.

but it is what it is. what it lacks in size, it probably (hopefully) should make up for in speed hoping they finally animate him properly.

no big deal at the end of the day
Aside from the video game, Hulk has never surfed on a bus. By your logic Superman should also be a giant. The strength of this characters has nothing to do with their size. They're superhuman creatures that perform superhuman feats that boggle the mind. They don't have to physically represent that 100%. I mean, Hulk's leg is thicker than Blonsky's body, if that underwhelms you, you're hard to impress. But I can see where you're coming from. The new Hulk just looks a little more tangible in terms of size.

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