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Default Re: The Incredible Hulk's True Size

Originally Posted by NoirMan82 View Post
Aside from the video game, Hulk has never surfed on a bus. By your logic Superman should also be a giant. The strength of this characters has nothing to do with their size. They're superhuman creatures that perform superhuman feats that boggle the mind. They don't have to physically represent that 100%. I mean, Hulk's leg is thicker than Blonsky's body, if that underwhelms you, you're hard to impress. But I can see where you're coming from. The new Hulk just looks a little more tangible in terms of size.
ah the difference between superman and the hulk is that superman is a super human character who is required to blend in with normal humans.

hulk is a uber human character which is suppose to stand out and wreak havoc on a biblical scale. his trade mark is referring to all as puny.

the hulk's size represents his freedom, freedom to let loose on all his surroundings. The problem is that the comics have shown him letting loose on all sorts of things but that is because they have changed the scale of the character and his surroundings (severity dependant on artist) in order to put this across.

I mean how can the hulk crush a car with his bare hands when his arm span isn't even the length of a vehicle, or how could he swing a tank when the turrent is taller than him (or his size).

I understand the whole 'he needs to be small enough to be relatable' yet he also needs to be 'large enough to cause mayhem' which is why i quite like the varying size idea AS LONG as he's always small/calm enough to interact with some characters on an emotional level. Best of both worlds so to speak.

I'm perfectly fine with small characters doing big feats, supes picked up a continent and through it into space in superman returns. That's fine because his size didn't limit him from doing that. I just hope that the hulk's size doesn't limit him from pulling off an equally spectacular stunt.

If they manage it, I'll be happy. If they don't I may feel that this may have been a reason why.

It's unfortunate that artists don't take things into account when drawing certain scenes as it grounds your ability to replicate it realistically on the screen. Same thing happened with spidey and his webswinging.

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