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Default Re: The Incredible Hulk's True Size

Different artist renderings and incarnations over the years aside, I've never heard anything about Hulk getting bigger as he got angrier before the Ang Lee movie. Besides, in all those times I don't think he ever exceded 9 feet. The scene from the first movie when Hulk is towering over Betty and the scene where Talbot tried to use that needle on Hulk (Hulk's head was 2/3 the size of Talbot's whole body) stick out in my mind that they just made him too damn big in that movie.

Furthermore, one of the most interesting things about Hulk is that all this raw power and mass destruction is caused by one angry and slightly oversized guy. Making him a giant (i.e. 15 feet tall) was a huge cop-out.

As for things like surfing on buses and using cars for roller blades, save that crap for when Hank Pym gets his own movie. This is the Hulk. He breaks things. Period.

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