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Default Re: The Incredible Hulk's True Size

Originally Posted by sean61675 View Post
I have been on this site since 2001. I read a lot of threads. I just choose not to pipe in often. My point was just that people complained about Ang's "King Hulk" and the gripes and what people wanted then is what we got this time around and now people are griping about how the '08 Hulk should have more traits of the '03 Hulk.

It just made clear that fan boys (and we all are) will never all be satisfied as a whole and that is fine.
well 'good' for those people.

I am not 'people' and I didn't complain back in 03.

There is always going to be someone not particularly happy with a final product of something because we are dealing with a medium where the imagination fills a large percentage of gaps in story telling

ultimately when it comes down to it, i'm more of a story purist than a cgi one so all these points won't really be mentioned after the film, it's just there is nothing else to speak about at this time.

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