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Default Re: The Shadow, the Phantom or Dick Tracy?

Originally Posted by The Major View Post

Hopefully that'll change one day.

Not being well known is probably affecting how well they're going to be adapted.

Comic book characters are more well known these days then pulps in Hollywood so they're more likely to get made then pulps.

I'd love to see either Raimi or Nolan do a dark revamp on Shadow to make it closer to the pulps.

The realism, detail, intelligence, creativity and brutality of The Shadow's pulps would be amazing to see on film. The Sin City and Batman Begins audiences would love it.

I agree. The Shadow was great but it chose campy over pulp for its story. Perhaps they thought it would appeal to more people that way.

Making Lamont Cranston The Shadow's true alias instead of Kent Allard did make sense. It would be to confusing for the audience in that story. They'd need a Begins style movie to make the Kent secret identity that work IMO.

At least it introduced the franchise to more people so Hollywood might one day relaunch it.
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