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Default Re: The Incredible Hulk's True Size

Originally Posted by Odin's Lapdog View Post
I'm not directly comparing size to strength. I mentioned superman picking up a continent and that was fine. Picking up stuff from underneath (which was pretty much all of superman's feats) or above means you don't really have to worry about size.

the hulk's gimmick is basically having everything seem puny in comparison to himself. not miniscule but puny and definitely on a different scale.

just instead of using something the size of a dishwasher as a football, he may have to use a microwave because he's not scaled large enough to wrap his hands round a dishwasher.

It's not big deal, it just limits him, that's all.
But that's the thing, it doesn't. This hulk could likely still throw a dishwasher like a football, his hand may not wrap around the whole thing but he could still likely get a really firm grip with one hand and toss it like a football.

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