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Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
I just hope it doesnt make her crazier than ever bc the last thing we need is yet another psycho Lorna.
It is going to have a big effect on her as well as Havok the question is what should be the effect on her.

If I had a choice I would rather have a return to kick ass angry 2004 Lorna, then weak and emotionally broken Lorna like early Milligan Lorna or early Alan Davis Lorna. Austen in 2004 found a good balance giving her an edge and having her be a somewhat dark character at the same time be a vital part of the X-Men.

Since the end of Austen's run she really hasn't had much of a personality or an edge that makes her stand out as a character. Certainly Austen went too far with what he did with Lorna in 2003, but he was finding a good balance with the character in 2004 before he left. Since 04 she has lost alot of the things that made her stand out as a character.

Here is a good example of Milligan's emotionally broken Lorna.

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