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Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
IA and thats been my problem with her. Id rather she get away from Havok bc he does nothing for her character. Id love to see a strong, confident Lorna independent on her own, but Im not putting much hope in seeing that happen. I wish Carey got a chance to write for her, bc I think he'd do her justice. She'd make such a perfect fit over in Legacy right now especially with her past with Magneto and their connection. Not to mention despite being one of Xavier's first students, we havent seen them do much interacting over the years. Id love to see that explored.
I agree with you that Lorna suffers greatly when she is simply Havok's girlfriend. When they are together her entire world pretty much revolves around him. The vast majority of her conversations end up being with Havok and the few conversations with others like with Rachel in EV also end up being about Havok.

In alot of ways it reminds me of Angel on BtVS. As a character on BtVS he could never be anything more then Buffy's vampire boyfriend. Buffy got to interact with tons of characters all the time. But, Angel was mostly stuck interacting with Buffy and the times he was talking to other people it was almost always Buffy related issues. In order for Angel to break out as a character he had to get his own show. He was allowed to really grow as a character beyond Buffy's boyfriend on his own show and he could still love Buffy and they could have their reunions every so often.

The point is that Lorna won't be able to really develop into her own character unless she is on a different ongoing then Havok.

I agree with you that Lorna would be a perfect fit right now on X-Men Legacy. But, sadly someone already asked the X-editors if Lorna would show up on X-Men Legacy a few weeks ago so she could get some interaction with Magneto given they haven't interacted in the 616 in 8 years now. The answer was no she wouldn't show up on X-Men Legacy. They also said that the Vulcan arc would end in Uncanny sometime in the future. I have the feeling Lorna is going to be stuck in space at least another year to a year and a half.

I really do wish Bru had simply brought Lorna, Havok, and Rachel home at the end of RAFOTSE. He didn't have to include them in Uncanny, they could have gone into limbo on Earth or been picked up by other writers. Look at Pietro right now. He is in limbo, but he has been all over the place since HoM and he has his own one shot next month. I suspect if it wasn't for this space arc Lorna would likely have ended up on Legacy.

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