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Default Re: New Dragonball Z special coming Fall 2008

Originally Posted by Arkady Rossovich View Post
Most are. It's been shown to death in America,this is why so many don't like it anymore. Blame Cartoon Network.
Toriyama originally wanted to end Dragonball long before he actually did, but Shueisha kept making him churn out more issues because the manga had become so immensely popular. The battle with Frieza was where Toriyama had first planned for the conclusion of the manga and anime to be: Son Goku confronts Frieza, proves himself to be the SSJ foretold in legend, and puts an end to the galactic empire. The rest of the series sank into absurd and monotonous self-parody. All of a sudden, everyone was a SSJ, even the little children, so as to keep centered the balance of power between the heroes and the ever-more-terrible villains. This trivialized what Goku accomplished during the battle with Frieza and furthermore contradicted Vegeta’s account of the SSJ legend, which stated that only one SSJ appeared every thousand years. They tried to fix this by introducing Broly as “the” SSJ, but it’s obvious he was just an ad-hoc correction.

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