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Default Re: New Dragonball Z special coming Fall 2008

Originally Posted by JAPPO View Post
I hated the DBZ movies. The only one I found interesting was Dead Zone. Cooler had some cool fight scenes, but the movies only further support the claim that DBZ has no story. But yeah I know saying this on a DBZ forum is asking for it.
The movies sucked (with exception of Bardock special and Trunks special, hmm I dont know if they are considered movies or just specials, but these 2 were cannon).

Now my question is, how can you say that the fact that the movies sucked support the claim that DBZ has no story WHEN in fact those movies HAD NOTHING to do with the Dragonball storyline?. It doesnt make sense and its contradictory.

Thats like saying that Jordan was a good basketball player because Brazil won the 2002 world cup. What does one thing has to do with the other?.

Remember the movies were non cannon (were not part of the storyline, but they were just alternate stories that sucked ass).

Originally Posted by Bullza View Post
I wasnt keen on the movies either i only liked the 1st Broly movie.

The 2 DBZ specials the Bardock and History of Trunks were far superior to the movies.

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