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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

Hello fellas!

I just came from the theater and had to drive on home to write to you guys how the movie was!

IT SUCKED BALLS!!!.......................................... .............................................

No, all kidding aside, the movie is downright awesome!... I didn't know jack-**** about Iron Man before the movie, and it was a blast! I have no idea what you Iron Man fans are looking to see, but for me, the movie was a sure winner!

The story and the way it's all edited together is very solid! I recall some review on rottentomatoes saying that the editing was a bit off. Let me tell you all, it's not! It's just as clever screwed together as Batman Begins! The pacing is near perfect, the action is amazing ones it kicks in to gear! There's not too much of it for it to become boring, and it leaves you wanting more...A LOT MORE! There's plenty of action, but it's not overdone like in a surden movie called Transformers! It's all very balanced. But there really is much more to this movie than the action. The characters in this movie works, all of them! Downey Junior is great as Tony Stark! Bridges is a mean sadistic son of a *****, not a lame Dr. Doom villain or something... Towards the end everything gets real intense!

The humor/comedy in this movie is great! At one time I thought there was just the tiniest bit too much of it, but this is truely nothing. It's a fun movie, but not in the lame Fantastic Four style kind of way. It's very much a serious movie (like X2 was). The final half when things gets hot and Stark gets pissed off by things I wont tell here, you really feel the intensity rise! It's truely badass!!!

From 0-10, I give this movie a strong 8.5! YES, it's that good! I was blown away! Iron Man fans fear not, rest asured you can be very proud of this movie, and I prey to God that a sequel will follow!

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