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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by super-bats View Post
harlekin, did you feel an anti-war / anti-US military vibe when you watched IM?

some of the early reviews seem to suggest that that was a subtle theme or tone in the movie......

I'm really excited about the movie, but that might dampen my enthusiasm a bit.......
It's not done in a very blatant or pretentious way. It's suggesting that big corporations make weapons funded by the military, and then the weapons are sold to terrorists or the black market, fall into the wrong hands etc.

I see it as more of keeping in line with elements of the comics. Because this is something Stark has dealt with for years. Ultimately what is the Iron Man armor? It's a weapon. What happens to the Iron Man armor in the comics and the movie? PEOPLE STEAL IT! Bad guys steal it and use it! So hopefully the later movies will address this as well.

I give it 9/10. My full review will be up soon. Very satisfying. Great performances and it definitely got the right tone. There's humor to the movie but it doesn't overdo and make it silly or stupid like FF or Ghost Rider. There's a good seriousness to Stark's character that the movie gets at the right moments.

Ultimately it really works as an origin story much moreso than the animated movie which really did a bad job of the origin. It comes off much better here.

What is so great about this movie though? It feels like something greater is at work. This movie feels like it was laying the groundwork for the TRUE Marvel movie universe. It all starts with Iron Man.

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