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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
Just got back, I absolutely loved it, Ive got no complaints, RDJ for me gives the best lead performance in any comic book movie, his charisma and deft ability to shift from defiant to cocky to sincere and passionate is fantastic to watch and makes you care about Stark all the way.

Paltrow was charming and sexy as Pepper and gave Tony that human link to himself, Jeff Bridges was all presence and menace as Stane, simply brilliant!
For me the movie struck a great balance, the story was interesting and followed itself through in a smart and logical path while developing Stark and showcasing the creation of the armour and tech he uses. The humour worked in all the right places and never felt like it was shoved down my throat like in some other movies. It was also balanced well with some warm moments and some dramatic ones. The scenes between Stark and Yinsen were particularly well played, adding some real heft to the film.

The action and effects were awesome, great sequences shot with plenty of verve and money shots, in fact there were a lot of tremendous "money" shots that didn't even involve action. I also liked that the action and suit time didn't crowd out Stark, Pepper and Stane, it felt to me like they did a great job of spacing the action out into healthy doses. Terence Howard is a bit underused but it's clear he will expand his role in a sequel and there simply wasn't room to use him anymore than he was in this one.

The summer movie season is off to a great start.

feel the same way


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