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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

I've just seen Iron Man and... it's a good summer movie. Bob is amazing, brilliant. Gwyneth is perfect and so beautiful and Jeff Bridges doesn't have a big part but when he's on the screen... it's funny and great because he's so great as Obadiah Stane. And Terrence Howard... like he's a really good actor but his character is like 1D, not 3D. Jimmy is not a real character in this movie. But what is also bad is that there's not a lot of action. And when is... it's not like from Michael Bay's movies. But the biggest minus is the screenplay. It's not a big story or just... you don't feel any story in that. It's a pity. And that scene with Obadiah and Tony without 'something' is stupid. Sorry. But... Jon did a good job. It's not the best superhero movie ever but it's a good start for Iron Man franchise. And also Matthew Libatique's camera is very good. Ramin Djawandi's music not so much. )

My rating is 7/10. Better 7, like 7.5.

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