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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

Great fun film to watch, and yes, I'm now a fan of RDJ!

Can't think of anything negative to say, other than going to movies costs money and I don't have any left, so I can't go see it again immediately!!

Just one wish;
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
the final final scene is such a brilliant teaser, but unless SHIELD kept all of these other superheros cooped up in a room, surely the world would've known about them, even just as rumours in tabloids. Do you think Thor (my great hope for a next film) would keep a low profile just for SHIELD?

I wish there had been a moment while he was finishing up the Mk3 armour, and he heard (in the background on TV) a newscaster mention a crazy guy claiming to be the god of thunder. Tony looks back at his armour, smiles and says "well, anything's possible"

This would fit in better than suggesting that these guys have been around and noone knew about them. Think about it, Iron Man was hardly active and the journalists were already questioning Stark about IM.

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