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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

Wow just saw Iron Man and it was rad as hell!
I'd give it an 8.5/10, so I'm going to hit 9 on the poll.

A couple of things have to be noted regarding my feelings on the film. I do not read nor have I ever read Iron Man comics. Being a general Superhero freak I'd say I was easier to impress. I don't want to take anything away from IM- it's an amazing Superhero film, but I reckon IM fan opinions are more valid than my own. Having said that, many webheads loved the Spidey films and being the hardcore Spidey loving freak that I am, I am not a fan of the movies. I think they fail to capture the toughness and quick witted dexterity of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man I read every month. Plus the deviations from the source irked me considerably.

My thoughts on Iron Man-

The film's pacing is spot on, I don't understand the critics who have noted there are some dead points and that some parts drag.
RDJ is awesome in the lead role of Stark/Iron Man and always entertaining to watch. The technology he is able to create is a little far fetched but then I had to remind myself a few times I was watching a superhero film.

The sequence in which he escapes his captors in the middle east is the most gripping part of the film, but not necessarily the highlight... For me that would be either the first time we see the MkIII when he does his first rescue or the fight with Iron Monger at the end of the film. Stark/ Iron Man escaping from his cave and then blasting off into the sky before plummeting to earth was entertaining all the way. When he landed in the sand it was another one of those points when I thought to myself 'would he have been able to survive that?' but it's a comicbook movie, cool!

The scenes that switched from RDJ wearing the real prop suit to CGI were seamless, and the shots were he was in the MkIII with his mask up- I could not tell whether it was a CG shot or it was the actual prop! Paltrow, who I usually don't like was good in this limited role and made her part believable. The tomcats scene was AMAZING! Totally Bad ass, and the end fight with Iron Munger was just the right length. Not too long, not too short and nothing like the crappy Doom Vs FF fight in the 2005 FF film as one Hypester had previously noted in this thread.

I would have preferred Fury to look like he does in 616, but that was after the credits so it don't matter that much. Aside from that I'd say Iron Man is pretty much flawless as a Superhero film. It was very fun and the effects were superb but for me it was just missing that extra something. I did not walk out of the cinema buzzing like after I saw BB for the first time, but I did walk out loving it and talking with my comrades about Iron Man 2- Avengers???!!!!! Providing the cast/crew is reunited the second film could be the best SH film ever.

So yeah, Iron Man for me is the best Marvel movie thus far and definitely in the top 5 Superhero films to date.. which I reckon looks like this- (If you disagree you are wrong )-

1-Batman Begins
2-Superman The Movie
3-Iron Man
5-Batman Returns

Looking forward to Incredible Hulk...

EDIT- Iron Man's voice sooo COOL!

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