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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

Just got back from seeing this. Great film... I really, really liked it.

RDJ's performance is the highlight of the film, he truly does give the role believability in all aspects (comedic as well as serious). That is not to say, though, that the rest of the film is somehow not good. Everything from pacing, to the close to flawless effects, to the great music (yes, I liked it) really worked for me. I didn't think the Iron Man Vs. Iron Monger fight was too short, and I thought Jeff Bridges was a great villain.

The only problems I had with the films were the few moments when something would happen that seemed "unrealistic". I mean, I accept that Tony Stark can build these things because it's part of the premise of the film, but when he
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did the crash landing in the Mark I, and when he did the 10% thrust test my brain instantly went "He should be dead or permanently in a wheelchair from that!"
. But this is minor to me.

I voted 9/10. One of the best superhero-flicks to date, and possibly the best one.

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