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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
Haha! Yeah i laughed out loud at that, thinking the same thing.

Being a genius with tech doesn't make him a genius at business, it's made clear he relies totally on Pepper to get through any business commitments and that he also has left the running of Stark enterprises money side to Stane.
Not the business thing I was thinking of, but that he could be so "fooled" by the guy ending up as his enemy. And the fact that bad-guys also got hold of his weapons. A bit too surprised, he should have forseen the possibility that the bad-guys in Afghanistan could get a hold of his weapons. But it didn't really bug me, the movie was close to perfect. I was a reinvention of the superhero-franchise and it's like a piece of a bigger puzzle. I loved how they treated it that way, showing us that there is a bigger picture. And the next piece will be shown in a couple of months with The Hulk-movie.

They are building something big and I hope they succeed. This was a real blast, Favreau did a great job. He's like Michael Bay with more intellect and a bit less testosterone. Marvel could not get a better start and this is a kind of movie that very few will dislike. It has an universal appeal and it was more fun than Batman Begins.

I like how Stark is much like Bale, but he is much more ruthless and charming. And does not spend all day philosophizing. But a tad more naive then Wayne. But ultimately Wayne is a nicer guy showing more mercy. Iron Man was really bad ass, but his confidence and charm makes him a more likable character then the more gritty (but surprisingly nicer) Wayne.

For the real villain in this movie was actually Stark. He did his transformation and had to clean up the mess left by the bad-guy Stark. But he did not leave his "ruthlessness" behind. He has no hesitation when it comes to killing. I liked that "edge" about him and it will be interesting to see where they take him in the future.

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