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Default Re: The "Easter Eggs" Of Iron Man

Originally Posted by SPIDERMAN117 View Post
Well did yall notice someone else didnt and thought Cool

I though it was kinda neat when Tonys figuring out what color he wants

For mark 3 and one of the designs was the silver centurion colors
This was awesome, and I was the only person I know that noticed. This was also right after 'Jarvis' (an awesome comic nod throughout the whole movie) rendered him an all-gold version of the Mark III, another awesome comic nod.

Rhodey's line was great. And to add to that, when Tony tells Pepper about his plans to rid the world of his weapons, and that there is only the next mission, I'm pretty sure that Jarvis was displaying a War Machine color scheme for the suit, because it looked silver, with black details and black on the helmet, and I think I saw more guns on the shoulders and stuff.

The "hold still" and "be gentle, it's my first time" jokes when Tony was taking off the suit were poking fun at how in the comics, regular Jarvis was suspected of being gay, while Ultimate Jarvis is gay.

Stan Lee's cameo was maybe the best one yet.

And it's not really a secret, but Tony Stark had a drink in his hand, nearly the entire movie.

I cannot wait for Iron Man: Mark II, in 2010!

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