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Default Re: The Superman: TAS discussion thread.

Originally Posted by Conner View Post
I think I know what episode you're talking about, but I could be wrong. Could you tell me what season it takes place in?? I'm a fan of the parallel versions and what not. Especially things like in JLU- The Justice Lords.
I love the JLords. I think they are amazing, and the fact that they areactually acting for good is what makes them great, for me. I consider them as a kind of ultimate anti-JL. They are so great ; I was all excited when they reappeard at the end of the season 2 of JLU, created by Luthor. I was almost crying. I wasn't a big fan of the all suit nevertheless.
Originally Posted by Conner View Post
Does anyone still think that the pilot "Last Son of Krypton" still holds up as one of the best episodes of the seson?? I loved it's blend of Krypton, Smallville, then Metroplis..It got me excited for the rest of the show.
Oddly enough I think the episode is sometimes boring. I like the episode, I think it's excellent but I wasn't a big fan of the ExoSkell-5000. Nor the idea, nor the fight.

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