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Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
that actually does look pretty good. I would love to see her animated again
I would like to see her animated again as well. Wolverine and the X-Men looks like it will be a somewhat more mature continuation of X-Men Evo.

My guess is if they consider using Lorna they will decide to use her as simply a green haired girlfriend for Alex or if they go the Magneto storyline route they won't want to have her be a clone of evo Wanda, another super power unstable daughter who wants to kill him. Instead the only other option I suspect they might go for is the origional 1960s Queen of Mutants plotline which was somewhat reprised in the late 1990s to early 2000s where Magneto who is leading Genosha wants Lorna to basically become the heir to his kingdom.

The biggest thing seperating Polaris from Wanda and Pietro when it comes to their relationship with him over time is that he (including the late 60s later retconned version of him) wanted Polaris to take over his dream and legacy from him. He has never considered Wanda or Pietro to be competent to do so nor does he want any old mutant supremacist like Exodus as his heir, he wants someone who is deep down a good person who wants to protect mutant rights. Of course M-day screwed all this up in the Marvel universe for the time being and has destoryed all of Magneto's dreams and hopes for mutantkind, but M-day likely won't hit the animated X-Men universe.

If you watch the promo for Wolverine and the X-Men there is a sign in the background with Magneto behind it saying 'come to Genosha' so Genosha will play a big role in at least the first season of the series. The development of mutant controlled Genosha was closely connected to Lorna and it had a bigger impact on her then any of the X-Men so it would be a shame to leave her out of it and replace her with someone like Rogue which I suspect they may do.

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