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Default Re: Who was hotter?: Pepper Potts or the News Reporter

Originally Posted by SFII View Post
they were both looking really sexy in the movie.
i particularly liked the News Reporter(Leslie Bibb)'s scenes where she has sex with Tony Stark, and she's naked and walking around in her panties. she's so hot! we needed to see more of her. hopefully she'll be in the next film.

and on the other hand, i also thought Pepper Potts(Gwenyth Paltrow) had a hot scene where she had to reach into Tony's artificial heart, thus causing her hands to become all slimy with his goo. that seemed very sexual to me.
aside from that, i also thought Pepper(Gwen)'s freckles across her nose were so cute.

i hope Tony does a 3-way with them in the next film.
he deserves it. he's saving the world!
You sound like some horny 13 year old that saw his first movie, that featured attractive women


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