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Default Re: Who was hotter?: Pepper Potts or the News Reporter

Originally Posted by LadyLane View Post
The girl opinion: I think the bimbo was hotter, but Pepper was more beautiful. I don't know if thatmakes sense to you guys, but Pepper had perosnality and brains which I think makes her much more attractive than just fake boobs. But like I said, that's just my female opinion, lol.
The reporter barely had five minutes on screen. She was a reporter who not only understood Tony's assorted history but took him to task for it (unlike Pepper who needed Tony to wake her to the bad things he's done in his career) seconds after meeting Stark for the first time.

Bibb's character wasn't the love interest, either. If she was I bet they'd have made her much more appealing and given her more screen time.

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