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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Comic Nods/ Easter Eggs Thread

Originally Posted by powerbomb1411 View Post
Hey guys. In regards to Cap's shield.

About Heroes brought it to my attention. They might have posted a couple images that found somewhere.

To me, it clearly looks like Cap's shield.
I love how they painted the colours that "should be there"...and just in case you still cant see it, i'll just photoshop an actual picture of the shield on top of it....
it does not look like the shield by any means. just because there is a star on a blue background...where does that sound familiar? Isnt there a flag like that? (no im not saying it was the flag.) i think you guys are analyzing the movie WAY too much. there are iron man easter eggs, but thats about it.

Dark Knight?? Or Iron Man... Decisions, decisions...

IRON MAN is an example of how to make a great comic book movie.

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