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Default Re: Who was hotter?: Pepper Potts or the News Reporter

Originally Posted by FaT_tONle View Post
I think there was a lot more to Bibb's character than just a couple of scenes here and there... her scene with Tony at the party really showed the potential to expand on the character... I mean she's like the fourth or fifth most important character in the franchise next to who? Agent Coulson? Unless I am missing someone. The sequel can have her covering Stark's public image... maybe she writes more **** about Tony for this IM gig. Just a thought...
she's gotta be an important character in the next flick, seeing as she's the head reporter in the film.
she could either protect him in the press, or defame him. kinda like what Katie Holmes did in Thank You For Smoking. she banged the guy for some inside scoop, then turned her back on him, and *****ed him over.

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