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Default Re: Who was hotter?: Pepper Potts or the News Reporter

Declarations of a woman's hotness are not really my forte here so please bear with me as I'm not attracted to those of my own gender at all. In terms of personality I think if I were Tony Pepper trumps the reporter every time. Why do I say this? Well.....

A. Pepper is extremely loyal and protective of Tony's well being.

B.) She is not at all vindictive with Tony to the point of publicly humiliating him.

C.) She has an independent, principled moral streak. Meaning, she can take care of herself when the man is away.

On the other hand the Vanity Fair Reporter

A.) Has attacked Tony in a very public place.

B.) Is verbally abusive to him.

C.) Has challenged him in public on many occasions.

D.) Slept with him knowing what Tony was like and then decided to take out her bitterness on him despite this foreknowledge.

I'm not of the male persuasion but I think I'd choose Pepper Potts based on her personality traits, not just solely on her looks. (No offense to Leslie Bibb. I'm just talking about her character. I'm sure she must be a very nice lady in real life.) It always baffles me how guys (And to be fair girls as well.) will stick with clingy, over obsessive, vindictive, backstabbing individuals instead of staying with the girl/guy that will treat them right. So what if they don't look like a Maxim model.

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