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Furman Blog May 14, 2008

Originally Posted by Simon Furman View Post
Here we go with a somewhat cautious and circumspect (ie. as spoiler free as possible) post-script analysis of Transformers Spotlight: Sideswipe, the last of the ‘Revelation’ quartet/story arc (which plays out across Spotlights Cyclonus, Hardhead, Doubledealer and Sideswipe). So what’s going on with the Dead Universe saga? A lot, is the short answer! Story threads that have been building and developing almost since the IDW-verse was brought screaming into this world come to a head (and a conclusion) herein. Optimus Prime faces Nemesis Prime! Arcee (finally) catches up with Jhiaxus! Galvatron seeks (actively) his destiny! Jetfire faces Bludgeon (okay, that is a capital letters SPOILER!)! Ultra Magnus calls the shots in a last, desperate attempt to stave off the imminent Expansion! A trio of Autobots actually set foot in the Dead Universe… and live to tell the tale! How? Let’s just say it plays into yet another evolving story thread! And in amongst all this — Sideswipe, trying hard not to get squeezed out of his own Spotlight! Yes, he finally gets to Earth! Yes, we learn the true relationship between him and Sunstreaker… and why he’s been so darned keen to find him! Yes, he gets to hit lots of things, in the course of which we find out a little about what makes him tick. Who lives? Who dies? Who’s already dead by this stage of the story? All will be, er, revealed. Spotlight Sideswipe hits stores in September. Script by me, art by EJ Su. Excuse me, I think I need to lie down now…
Sideswipe seems to kick arse in his spotlight, looking forward to it


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