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Default Re: LAME: the new iron-man cartoons are about a teen iron-man!


Did not see that coming.

After watching the awesome Iron Man movie, I heard something about a new cartoon being made, and I was a little excited: NEW STUFF, YAY.

But I in no way, expected them do a teen Stark...sorta reminds me of Batman Beyond, but then again, I LOVED Batman Beyond, so--and if I remember correctly, never felt that cartoon was kiddie at all. More futuristic dystopia. But then again, that was Bruce Timm & BTAS co. heading, I don't really know who's heading this Iron Man cartoon. And it's on Nicktoons. The only great cartoon on Nicktoons right now--and it is one of the most incredible things ever, on equal footing with the likes of Bruce Timm's aforementioned BTAS and Greg's Gargoyles--is Avatar: the Last Airbender (right there in the title: signs of GENOCIDE--not your average "kid's" show). Actually, I would feel more comfortable if I knew the Avatar team were heading Iron Man (and their Avatar show is ending soon, at least by the end of this year).

The express reason of making Iron Man younger to reach a younger audience? Yeah, LAME. A misguided effort. It works for Spider-Man, because being a teen is part of his character, his history--but, then, you know, he grows up...but you could keep a cartoon or specific comic series--specifically Ultimate Spider-Man--as just teenaged-him, and it would still work, because it's Spider-Man, who debuted as a teen superhero (one of the few who WEREN'T sidekicks to someone else).

But Iron Man...from the movie, they put him forth as a child prodigy/genius, so I do toy at least with a fanfic plotbunny of him developing the armor young--but Iron Man is built through more experience than that, canonically. After another good fic I read, I can see Tony as cocky, if a little lonely and awkward, and that's interesting--but that doesn't make Iron Man. Are we gonna have his heart literally ripped out at a really young age and...that actually kinda disturbs me, I don't know why the thought of a younger age makes it worse. And I will admit, as a Spidey fan, it's kinda interesting to ponder giving his teenage problems and issues and plot points to mini-Stark, apply them to him--but that is, ultimately, Spider-Man, not Iron Man.

I clicked the link, and the image looks weird to me, I'm not sure why. (At least in the art he doesn't look overly teen-ish; maybe slightly skinnier).

Still...I think when it comes around, I'll give the show a shot.

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