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Default Re: Transformers 2 Official Pictures thread

Originally Posted by Cth View Post
Either way, any chance this could be a new Decepticon, or Hound?
My guess: The vehicle reminds me of those military vehicles that Lennox and Epps used to escort Bumblebee from the S7 installation to the city. Looking at the triangular logo I'll go with it being something other than a Decepticon or Autobot logo, further suggesting a third party. On top of that we know that Graham, Epps and Lennox will be in some kind of special forces group (a Sector 7 replacement perhaps?) and they might need something to get around in, when not hitching a lift in a robot.

So that's it really. Until further scoops emerge I'm imagining this as a human military vehicle involved in the Autobot, Decepticon war on Earth.

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