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Default Re: Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
James Spader would be ok as a younger Hammer but I'd really like James Woods for that role. Just have a little cabal between Hammer and the Mandarin and throw in a secondary villain who works for Hammer and Mandy like SpyMaster, TM or CD. I will say that at some point in these movies I'd like to see Madame Masque show up and be what no supervillainess has been so far in superhero movies, a real central threat to the hero.

James Woods would be awesome!!

Sadly I really, really doubt he would ever do a comic film.

I remember around the time Spider-Man 2 was out he did an interview and had brought up superhero films as well as just regular big summer blockbusters.

He mentioned Willem Dafoe and I think Molina as well. Just saying how those roles don't do anything for a credible actor. They put them in the spotlight for that year or so and then your off the map.

He made some good points. I like your pick of James Woods but I don't think he'll ever do a comic film let alone a big summer blockbuster.

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